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4th Grade

Results of our Haiku project
Last years Haikus

Trees in fall with soft pink leaves
That fall to earth, turn brown,
and blow away with the wind.

A yellow leaf
falls gently on the wind;
falls on cold earth.

Tiny child on blue bike
the child hastily peddles
with no wheels, fly! fly!

A little snowflake
Fell to the ground only
To melt as water.

big green house and rain
raining cold, wet, big, and hard
it was freezing.

the rain looked like
little drops of water.
they were very cold

Miss Sarah Mahoney
Room 10

White brown and black Gorgie
Charlie brown
run around; bark all day

Blue cold shaking winds
Stir the tree's last left leaves
like red and gold flames.

Leaves gone, Trees are sad
The wind took leaves to the east,
leaves will be back soon.

Bitter breath like knife
cuts through cloth and flesh and bone;
We feel no more

cold, freezing, falling snow!
stinging, hardening, melting snow!
blasting, frozen snow!